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Chicken and Mushrooms in a Garlic White Wine Sauce

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

All I can say about this dish is YUM!! I prepared this super 20 minutes fast! It is was a hit with the entire family! I served this with egg noodles. but you can serve it with whole wheat egg noodles or any pasta of your choosing. I used regular white mushrooms in it because that is what I had on hand, but a gourmet mushroom, like shittake or cremini would be excellent! Get ready to wow your crowd with this easy yet elegant meal!

Here's what you need: ( to serve 6)

2 lbs chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces

2 1/2 T all purpose flour

3/4 t salt divided (or to taste)

1/4 t black pepper

2 T olive oil divided

1 T minced fresh garlic

Sliced mushrooms ( I used about 10 ounces of mushrooms)

3/4 cup dry white wine

1 cup chicken broth

Torn fresh Italian parsley to garnish

Fresh shredded or shaved parmesan cheese to garnish (about 1/2 cup)

Egg noodles or other pasta of your choosing to serve

Cook your pasta and set aside, keeping it warm. Place the chicken pieces in a bowl. Sprinkle with about half of the salt and half of the pepper and 1 1/2 T of the flour and stir to coat each piece. Heat 1 T oil in a large saute pan or skillet medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook about 5 minutes, turning to brown on all sides. Remove chicken from the pan and set aside. Add the remaining T of olive oil to the same pan and saute the garlic and the mushrooms. Add a little more salt to taste and the rest of the pepper. Cook about 3 minutes. Add the wine, scraping the goodies off the bottom of the pan. Add the remaining T of the flour, cook one minute stirring constantly. Stir in the broth and cook one minute or until slightly thickened.. Return the chicken to the pan and stir to mix well, cook one minute to reheat the chicken. You can add noodles into the sauce or serve the sauce over the noodles...either way. Top with the fresh parsley and parmesan. Delish!!

Sliced mushrooms ( I used about 10 ouce

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