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Get Prepared For Your Week of Healthier Eating!!

Happy Saturday! Yay! It's the weekend but it is time to get prepared for next week to eat healthier! The reason why a lot of people eat unhealthy foods, like fast food, or prepackaged foods full of stuff you don't want is because they didn't plan ahead. That's it. It's hard to be purposeful and intentional about what you put in your body and your family's body when you have thirty minutes to eat lunch and you have you hit the drive-thru. Day after day, it takes its toll on your health. Or what about after work and you have homework to help with or a sports activity to go to and you have nothing for dinner.....same thing. It just takes a little planning and you can have a calmer, healthier, and less expensive week. You will have your lunches prepared, your dinners planned and the ingredients on hand. If you aren't used to planning ahead for your week of meals, try it for a month. I guarantee you that it will make you feel better physically and mentally, not to mention it will make your family feel better because it cuts down on the hectic atmosphere when Mom or Dad is prepared with good REAL food on hand and there are meals thought out and ready to create! I have four sons and I learned this tip from my Mom. I always planned and continue to plan out my meals for the week, including lunch and breakfast. Include your family in the process! Ask for requests for what they would like to eat and you can "healthy it up" by adding some fruits and veggies, or swapping out some unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. Let your kids help prepare the meal If they have a part in the preparation of it, they will be much more likely to eat it and try new things! Have some slow-cooker meals planned for the busier days so it will be ready when you get home. I meal-prep lunches too. I got on Amazon and ordered some meal-prep containers that are microwave and freezer safe. I usually don't have a meal prep day, I just make extra of whatever I cook and meal-prep lunches, or freeze them for later. You can meal-prep for the week, however and go ahead and have several meals ready..

So, get your meals for the week planned and written down. I always posted mine on a chalkboard in the kitchen so the boys could see what we were going to be having that week and hopefully get excited about it! Make your grocery list so you will have all your ingredients ready to go! This will cut down on trips to the grocery and save money too because eating out adds up! The main thing however, is knowing you are fueling yourself and your family with real food that is healthier than what you can get at a restaurant or out of a package. Make it fun and be creative! Think of cooking as a great activity for you and your family to enjoy together! Visit the farmers market for fresh, local ingredients, or plan a veggie garden for you and your family to grow together! Be prepared this week!! Good luck and happy cooking!



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