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Pear and Blue Cheese Salad from Loopy Larry’s in Paducah!

Ok, this is a first for me! This is the first time I have featured a dish on my blog that I didn’t create. But this Pear and Blue Cheese Salad from Loopy Larry’s in Paducah is too amazing for me NOT to talk about!!

This salad is so delicious, it never gets old! I start thinking about it, and have to go get one! And if you know me very well, you know I don’t eat out much at all.. I’m usually at home whipping up my own thing. But this salad!! I don’t know if it’s their house made vinaigrette, the fresh pears, the candied pecans, or the cheese .. maybe it’s the MAGIC that happens when it all comes together! You have to go in there and give it a try! All of this yumminess is tossed together with mixed greens and carrots. It is definitely one of the best salads around!

If you haven’t tried Loopy Larry’s yet... you have to!! I love supporting our locally owned businesses, especially if it’s as crazy good as this place! Loopy Larry’s is at 3160 Parisa Drive in Paducah, where the former Burrito Shack was located. Oh my! They have so many freshly made sandwiches, delicious homemade soups and salads to choose from! You won’t be sorry! They have very unique hot and cold sandwiches and such, that aren’t found anywhere else.

Loopy Larry’s opened in July of 2019 and word is spreading about their delicious food! Starting this year they will be offering boxed lunches of their fresh cold sandwiches and salads for $9 and delivery is free for orders of at least 10 with at least a 24 hour notice!

No, I’m not being paid in any way to tell you about Loopy Larry’s! I just fell in love with the Pear and Blue Cheese salad and after going in there and seeing all the amazing food they offer, I had to share it with you! Go check them out and support this fantastic locally owned business!

Their hours are Monday -Friday 10:30-7:00, Saturday 10:30-5:00, Sunday 11:00-5:00.

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