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Four Make-At-Home, Quick, Healthy Breakfasts For Under 250 Calories!

Ok, we've talked about breakfast and why it's know this. But, for many of you out there, you still skip it! Then you wonder why you are fatigued, and then starving around 10 am. You say you don't have time, or you succumb to an unhealthy breakfast you get at a drive-thru, or a donut at the office! OK, it's time to stop the madness and get to the grocery and be prepared with these four QUICK, SIMPLE, REAL-FOOD, HEALTHY breakfasts. They are all familiar faces. Oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, and avocado toast. They are clean, wholesome, inexpensive and super-quick ways to nourish yourself for your day all for under 250 calories and really can be whipped up in around 5 minutes!

Let's talk oatmeal! If you know me at all, you know I could sing the praises of whole-grain oats all day! It is just so awesome! Oats are among the healthiest grains on Earth! They provide long-lasting energy for your day, they are gluten-free, provide antioxidants and a powerful soluble fiber that can reduce the risk of heart disease! Oatmeal has been shown to help in weight loss, and helps stabilize blood sugar. It keeps you feeling satisfied for a long time! I just love my oatmeal! Get the "old-fashioned", whole-grain oats and simply pour some in a bowl and add water and microwave. I add a little fruit and that is it! If you need sweetening,try drizzling a little honey or 100% real maple syrup. But, I just love the taste of oatmeal so I don't need a sweetener. Some sliced fruit, and maybe a sprinkle of we're talking! Go buy some oats today! It will change your mornings! Oh and a serving of oatmeal alone is about 150 calories!

Ok, another piece of heaven on a plate....avocado toast. If you haven't tried this yet, please do! You are in for a real treat! I toast one slice of 100% whole-grain bread, (I love Dave's Killer Bread, thin sliced , at only 70 calories a slice), and spread about 1/3 to 1/2 of an avocado, smashed, on it. I add a sprinkle of salt and a little cracked red pepper flakes....OH MY!!!!! Its so yummy and satisfying! No excuses! It is fast, super-easy, and 1/3 of an avocado is only about 80 calories. It provides good fats, is a good energy source, and provides about 20 vitamins and minerals. So add those items to your grocery list!

You know I am all about those omelets and frittatas! One egg has just 70 calories and a source of protein! Fast and satisfying, cook up an egg or two alone,or add some sauteed veggies for an even more satisfying start to your day! I usually beat a couple of eggs and pour in a hot saute pan sprayed with cooking spray and throw in some fresh spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms,peppers,or whatever you like. I don't even add cheese most of the time, but you can if you like. An omelet can be whipped up super-fast and is a yummy hot meal to get you going! You can always have veggies already sliced up ahead of time to make it even faster!

Last, but not least, if a good ole bowl of yogurt with fruit. It is obviously easy and fast! Yogurt is a good serving of vitamin D and calcium and provides probiotics for a healthy tummy! Most yogurts are around 100 calories per serving.

SOOOOO, make a grocery list and have these items available! I recommend getting up early and getting in a workout and then treating yourself to one of these super-simple, but awesome ways to start your day on the right foot and avoid a high-fat, or high-sugar breakfast,or a mid-morning slump! Take care of yourself and your family! Have a good wholesome breakfast! GOOD MORNING!


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