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Cashew Chicken

How about another "take out" meal that you can whip up in a jiffy at home? This recipe for Cashew Chicken is quick and easy and better than any take out I have had lately!

Here's all you need: (adjust for how many you are serving)

4-6 chicken breasts or thighs, cut into small bite-sized pieces

1-2 green peppers cut into bite-sized pieces

About 1/2 t garlic powder or to your taste

1/2 cup chicken broth

2 T lower sodium soy sauce

1-2 T cornstarch

1 small can of sliced water chestnuts, drained

Cashew pieces (about 1 cup)

Sliced green onion to garnish

Saute the chicken in a little olive oil until it is no longer pink. Add the green peppers. Stir fry it a minute or two. Stir in the chicken broth to get the bits off the bottom of the pan. Simmer a few minutes till the peppers are tender and the chicken is fully cooked. In a small bowl whisk the cornstarch and the soy sauce together. Pour this into the pan and stir it into the sauce to fully mix in and thicken it. Stir in the cashews and the water chestnuts. Serve over brown rice if you like and garnish with the sliced green onion. YUM! Enjoy your "take out"!


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