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The Family Table

If you think about it, almost all of our memorable moments in life, involve food. Food, especially good food,made with love, doesn't just feed our bodies, it feeds our souls. It brings and shares love. It is what we gather around at holidays, birthdays, and other life celebrations. It brings us together. It is what we gather around as families, as friends. The sight and smell of certain foods bring back memories from our childhood and from special moments in our lives. Food really is a big part of life. In more ways, and much more than just keeping us alive. And the family dinner table is way more than just about eating. It gathers us together as a family to hit pause, just for a moment, to share our day, to discuss things that are going on in our lives. When my boys were all younger, I learned more about what was going on with them at school,and with their friends, and really about their hearts at the dinner table than really any other time. We gathered daily, if at all possible, to eat dinner and spend time just talking as a family. No TV on. No phones. Just us. It is not that we had more time than other families. We have four sons and own a business. We just made it priority. We still do. I am so so glad! It is way more than just nourishment for our bodies. It is about fellowship, laughing, sharing, problem-solving, and bonding. Even for a few moments. Now that my boys are all grown ( well youngest is twelve), food is what gets us together. All the years of taking time to plan menus, making grocery lists, cooking and cleaning it up is so worth the dividends of family time! This is not to make anyone feel bad if you currently aren't doing this. It is to encourage you. Take the time to plan ahead and make family meals a priority. I totally get that those years of school stuff, sports, music lessons, etc. gets tough. Been there and done that! Sometimes family dinner has to be on the go and even not together. But I know from experience, if I didn't make it a wouldn't have happened at all. Give your family the best gift you can this year...time. Maybe you have over-scheduled your kids, or yourself. I don't know. But I do know that family time together is more important. It shows value to each member of the family. It shows that that time together with them is important. They may act like they don't care or it doesn't matter, but trust me, they do. They do.

I encourage you if have kids, grandkids, or anyone around you that you love. Give them the gift of more family meals together this year. Plan ahead and plan at least three homemade dinners each week. Make your grocery list. Be prepared and see if it doesn't make your home a little calmer. A little closer. Those kiddos grow up fast, and trust me, you will be so glad you made the memories of time around the family table!


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