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Peach Smoothie

It is summer and summer calls for cold, refreshing, sweet treats! What better way to make just that than with fresh peaches readily available right now! Tonight my son Clark and his girlfriend Chelsea and I rode our bikes on the Greenway trail to downtown Paducah, going down by the river. It was a pleasantly cool evening and what a great ride..well when I got home,I whipped up this little beauty with some fresh peaches I bought today! You need to treat yourself to one refreshing and nutritious! Go ahead and treat yourself!

Here's what you need: (Makes 1 large smoothie or two small ones)

2 fresh, ripe peaches, peeled and cut up

1 ripe banana

1 small (4 oz) vanilla or peach yogurt ( I used a small Activia peach yogurt)

3 ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor ( I used a Ninja ). Blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately! :)))


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