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Instead of Same Old Burgers, Do Fish Tacos!

Last night I had literally 30 minutes to whip up something for dinner. I want to tell you I made these fish tacos and they were so quick and so incredibly delicious! Just a reminder that in the time it would take to grill burgers, you can make something really healthy and something different than the same old same old! In fact, this was quicker than making burgers! I used Mahi Mahi, but any kind of white, mild fish will be fine. I like the mahi mahi because it stays together nicely and it's meaty and makes a substantial taco! I used whole grain tortillas and they were perfect.

Here's what you need:

Fish filets of your choice

Ancho chili powder

Salt and Pepper

Whole grain soft tortillas

Fresh tomato diced

Red onion sliced

White onion diced

Jalapeno miinced

Fresh cilantro leaves

1 avocado cut in chunks

Shredded cabbage or lettuce

Shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

2 T light sour cream, chipotle chile powder, and 1 T lime juice, pinch of salt mixed togeher for garnish

Lime wedges for garnish

Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Season the fish with the ancho chili, a little salt and pepper. Ancho chili is not spicy, but gives the fish a great flavor and awesome color. Grill the fish till it flakes easily and do not overcook, usually 3-4 minutes on the first side and only a minute or so on the other side. Have all of the garnishes ready. Serve the fish on warm tortillas. Add the toppings of your choice and top with the sour cream mixture. When making the sauce, add the amount of chipotle chili powder you want based on how spicy you want it. Serve with the lime wedges. So easy and So good!!


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